New rules in High School football this year

The first week of action this year for High School Football will be August 25th for AHSAA schools and August 18th for AISA schools.

1) This year will be the first year all schools will have the 'Scorebird' system. It's a box that attaches to the scoreboard and then transmits the score in real time to (the site will not be live until football season). So scores for 400 schools across the state will all be available in real time in one location.

2) Who will host playoff games has also been re-worked.  In the first-round, the top two seeds will be the home team while seeds three and four travel. In the following rounds, the home team will be determined by which team traveled in the previous round. If travel is equal; rounds two, three, and four of the playoffs will have the higher seed being the home team. In past seasons, you were home if you were the bottom team in the bracket.

3) A running clock will be an option ONLY during playoff games. If the game is out of hand and both coaches agree, the clock will be allowed to run continually throughout the 2nd half. 

When the season get's here, stay up to date with East Alabama High School Football by clicking here!


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