Here's Why Brett Young Advises Not To Slide Into Someone's DMs

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Brett Young offered a word of advice to anyone who’s single and looking: don’t slide into DMs.

The “You Didn’t” artist can speak from experience. Although he met his wife, Taylor Mills Young, that way, he said he would advise against it unless it’s absolutely necessary. Young explained why he wouldn’t recommend sliding into DMs, and added a word of advice on what to say if you have to.

“My advice this far into the DM game is don’t do it unless you have to. Cause I think if you happen to walk into a bar and see a pretty girl, it’s not like you went to every bar in town looking for a pretty girl to talk to,” Young said, per his record label. “You went to that bar, she went to that bar, it’s random, then you go talk to her. But like, she could essentially assume that you’ve been on Facebook for the last 72 hours just looking for one girl to talk to, or talking to like a hundred of ‘em.

“It’s just a different world that we live in, and so my advice would be don’t sneak into DM’s unless you absolutely have to,” he continued. “That being said, if you’re in the position that I was in where I had to know this girl, just understand that you’re gonna be thought of as creepy and they’re gonna go all the way down the rabbit hole of your social media before they decide if they’re even gonna respond or not. So, don’t say too much, maybe just like, ‘Hey, I think you’re beautiful.’ That’s kind of old-school. ‘I’d love to get to know ya.’ Something that doesn’t sound like a cheesy line that you just came up with might be your best bet.”

Young added with a laugh: “But she admits that she thought I was a creep at first.”

Still, it seemed to work out for the best. Young — who celebrates his birthday on Thursday (March 23) and is getting ready to hit the road on “5 Tour 3, 2, 1” — has been married to his wife for four and a half years, and they’ve since welcomed two adorable daughters. He’s since gushed that he’s “supposed to be a girl dad. I’m in love with it. … I just love the way my relationship is with both of my daughters.”

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