Mayor Suspends Rules at Opelika Cemeteries for the Holidays

Mayor Gary Fuller has conferred with Public Works Director Mike  Hilyer and has issued an order to “suspend” the rules at City of Opelika  cemeteries starting on Saturday, December 1 through Sunday, January 6,  2019, governing the placement of floral arrangements, wreaths and  trinkets on graves, allowing loved ones to place extra holiday wreaths,  flower arrangements (in a separate container) and trinkets on the  graves. 

The city rules require that there can only be one flower  arrangement per grave lot, unless the monument provides its own flower  receptacle. Flower receptacles of any kind (glass, wood, plastic, tin,  cement) are prohibited and no flowerpots are (normally) allowed to  remain on the lawn area beside gravesites. The only exception to this  rule is the flowers placed on gravesites from funerals which have  occurred within the past week. Also, two trinkets or whatnots per lot  are permitted if placed on the base of the monument. 

The rules will go  back into effect – and be enforced once again – on Monday, January 7,  2019. Any wreaths or separate floral arrangements or extra trinkets left  out at that time will be removed from the gravesites on January 7


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