2021 Great American Treasure Has Been Found!

The Great American Treasure has been found! Congratulations to this year’s winner Heather Floyd from Opelika! This year’s treasure was hidden off the Lake Wilmore trail in Auburn. We visited with Heather to see just what led her to the Lake Wilmore trail.

Here is a recap of all of this years clues.

Week 1

1.The Treasure Hunt is back after a long nap; and make sure to pay close attention to your treasure map.

2.It sure will be nice to sit back and grill, so to find the treasure avoid Society Hill.

3.Find our chest and you will be on your way out of town, but don’t go searching underground.

4.This area is great for reeling in a bass, but if you plan to search Lee County Lake you better pass.

5.You should try their local for a bite, but the treasure is not in sight.

Week 2

1.Now it is time for a new week of clues and searching in Smiths Station will give you the blues.

2.Find our treasure and you will have it made, so make sure and search in the shade.

3.You can use your map for marking, and cross off Lake Harding.

4.In this town it is the Indians you better cheer, but the treasure is not here.

5.We would love to send you to the beach where the sun is bright, so search for the treasure where there is not much light.

Week 3

1.This area is well known for its history in aviation but search here and you won’t win that vacation.

2.The treasure this year is close by some bark, but not located in Monkey Park.

3.Not finding the treasure will be quite a loss, so look for a place covered in moss.

4.This town lost the bid to be Lee County’s first public seat, and if you look here, you better retreat.

5.This weekend we will watch fireworks in the sky, and while our treasure is near some water, it is nice and dry.

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